Draperies and Curtains

Curtains and draperies are soft window coverings that are designed to fit any room. They can be used in a formal or casual setting depending on the fabrics chosen. They are hand-made to the exact size and style specifications you need.

DraperyDrapery panels can be operable or stationary, and lined with regular, dim-out or blackout fabric for total privacy. For better light management and control, curtains and drapes can be used in conjunction with blinds or shades.

Drapery lengths are determined by current trends or personal preference. They can be off the floor, kissing the floor or puddling, depending on the rest of the décor. Many factors besides the fabric determine the look or style of drapery and one of these is the type of pleat. Ripple fold pleats are distinguishable by their modern, undulating folds. Other choices for a clean, modern or classic look would be grommets, top pinch, double and triple top pinch, and hidden pleat with equalizer. Pinch pleat, goblet, box and pretty pleat are used for a classic or formal drapery.

Dining Rm DraperiesFor opening and closing drapes, there are many options available. Such as an i-beam, traverse rod, or motorized. We carry a large selection of decorative items to best match your décor and drapery. These items are available in metal, wood or lucite rods. The ornamental ends are called finials and are available in subtle or bold styles, designed for every type of room.

We have an extensive fabric library which is being updated constantly to reflect new trends in fabrics and colors. Our fabrics are supplied by world class companies such as Robert Allen Design, Beacon Hill, Kravet, Maxwell, Joanne Fabrics, Duralee, Alendel Fabrics and Avant Garde.

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